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If there is one place where the need for constant security and monitoring is paramount, it is definitely a construction site. This is irrespective of the size and type of the construction being carried out at the site. If you are worried about the safety of the valuable equipment left in the open at your site, then we can help put your mind at ease. Our experts at RMG Construction Site Security Services ensures that the equipment and material left at the site are not stolen by criminals or damaged by trespassers.

Scope of Risk Management Group

Securing a construction site is generally more challenging than for any other premises. This is not only due to the presence of large quantities of materials and equipment but also the vast space that needs to be secured. In addition, the multiple entries and exit points complicate things further as do the large number of people who are constantly moving in and out of the site. However, our experienced security specialists are able to handle and overcome these challenges in the most efficient manner.

Why Risk Management Group?

We are well known for offering high-quality and efficient security services for all types of construction sites. Our professionally developed security plans are aimed to fulfill your specific needs in the most satisfactory and affordable manner. This is ensured not only through proper training of our security personnel but also the use of the latest equipment and technologies required for the task.

Take the right steps to prevent sabotage, vandalism and theft on your construction site by contacting us today. Feel free to give us a call and get the answer to all your queries. We have a long list of satisfied clients associated with us, which gives a clear indication of the fact that we managed to create a niche place for us in the industry with our dedicated and commendable services.

We are one of the very trusted and preferred names in the industry for patrol-type security services. Clear visibility is considered a powerful crime deterrent tool. RMG’s patrol teams’ presence can help enhance the employees ‘safety. We are known for bringing a considerable reduction in the risk of vandalism or theft with our advanced services. Our uniformed officers’ presence near your property or premise reflects their strong authority and professionalism towards their work. So far, we have served many clients in the industry and managed to create and serve a special niche. We execute well-defined security methods and procedures to offer unmatched security protection to our clients.

RMG - a name associated with trust for Patrol-Type security

What should you do to protect the reputation of your brand, your employees and your own name in the industry? RMG is the one-stop destination for your safety needs. We have the expertise in patrol security, providing both armed and unarmed services. We ensure that a strict security check is in place for your property, even if it is a small-size business. Every business has a different type of construction layout and that calls for different styles of security. We study the floor plans of the client’s business unit and based on that plan, identify the right approach for patrolling the property. This enables us to offer customised security plans, which
are as per clients’ needs.

Loss Prevention

RMG emerged as the number one choice in the industry for loss prevention services. The trained and experienced team works with complete dedication to match the demands and expectations of the businesses and individuals looking for loss prevention services. We help clients to maintain their growth and revenue for hassle-free capitalisation of all business assets. We offer our services to many businesses – big and small – for loss prevention.

Why Choose us for patrol security services?

We offer both foot and vehicle patrolling. Having expertise in controlling vandalism, theft, and burglary, we have fast response times for all emergency situations. A to Z security checks are done of the premise, as well as making regular daily visits to the premises. We understand the expectations of the clients and ensure that we match them. Our sole mission is to make each one of our serviced clients happy and satisfied with our services. We believe in building long-term business relations.

Stay safe with RMG loss prevention service:

Our team is highly competent to take care of all types of loss prevention – some of our services are exclusive to us and not part of our competitors’ offerings. Trust our services and give us the scope to serve you by taking care of your businesses by providing security. We offer a wide variety of protection services, which includes both armed and unarmed security guards:

  • On-site and off-site surveillance security with CCTV
  • Mobile patrol
  • Standing guard services.

We ensure to let your assailants know as with whom they are taking the risk to deal with.


Loss Prevention Services round the clock.

RMG will create a strong security system for your business and brand. Your reputation is our reputation. We keep your reputation intact. Stakeholders want to know that the business in which they are investing or part of is safe- so does your employees and clients. It is, therefore, advisable to avail our loss prevention services rather than wasting time thinking about business asset security. We designed our security plans in a specific manner in order to give the right protection to clients’ assets. Security is not your area of specialisation, so leave the task to us as we know how to keep businesses secure. Rather invest your energy in shaping the progress plans for your business.

Our Service Features:

  • We offer 24/7 loss prevention services.
  • We have trained and experienced staff to perform as a criminal deterrent through the adoption of principals of community-orientating programme methodologies.
  • Guard patrolling services are offered to generate a community feeling with absolute security.