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Unit 2, 9 Civic Street, Craigieburn, Umkomaas, 4170

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Here’s how we work

The respected reputation we’ve gained within the short time in existence in the Construction and Civil sector is something we truly value and will continue to uphold. Our long-standing, qualified and experienced team is committed to offering expert advice. Our services include:
We have a trained team to remove and dispose asbestos, trust us with your projects we have over 6 years in the building sector, and we have successfully archived our goals to our clients satisfactory.

RMG Carpenters are the most reliable, qualified, and compatible in the sector that have completed over 8 schools ROOFS successfully within the shortest existence of the company.

We install different types of roofs:

  • DUTCH ROOF etc. NB, we provide certificate for our roofs

We do all different types of tilling and ceiling from any type of design.

Our plumbers are registered with the council, and they hold experience with high quality workmanship, and we do all types of pipes including HDPE, cpvc, stoneware etc.

Our services include:


We supply and install formwork for columns, beams, retaining walls, floors etc., while being in the sector for so many years RMG saw the gap that needs to be urgently filled and be taken to consideration by doing do we make sure we take our carpenters for training every year so their knowledge can be advance to avoid the client’s disappointments. Also, we do Trainings within the company as the safety remains our priority.

RMG is a certified electrical contractor with the senior registered electricians and technicians that provides excellent work from designing to installing and also, we provide COCs for work completed. We do all types of connections from the house to industrials

Risk Management Group offers the supply and application Of thermal insulation and cladding systems with atemperature range of between – 200ºc and 600ºc.

These services are designed to meet the requirements of specific industry sectors including the petrochemical, oil refining, power generation, paper and pulp, as well as general process engineering applications

Our civil work includes:

Over the past 6 years we have been working with the Civil engineers that have more then 30 years of experience in the sector and we have completed all our projects within time.

Our team delivers the excellent workmanship from designing stage to completion of the projects, we have worked with the department of transports and various municipalities in delivering excess road.

The art amongst our team is extremely good and remains incomparable to our competitors as we have the most qualified and experienced FOREMANS on site and our SITE AGENTS

Construction is one of the biggest contributors to our economy