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RMG is known for being one of the top event security companies, providing qualified event stewards to support your project, whether it’s a business event, conference, trade show, social gathering, sports event, concert, music festival or party.

Efficient Event Security

Our dedicated team will identify vulnerable areas and security risks and are equipped to minimize risk and ensure your safety. Our event security services cover everything from guard patrols to celebrity protection.

Retail Security Guards

Shoplifting and pilferage have a significant effect on retailers’ bottom line. RMG’s retail officers are well versed in the detection and prevention of all shrinkage-related crime. From stock control to floor patrol, we implement it all.

Taxi Violence Protection (Armed)

RMG guards are trained to measure the level of risk prevailing in the location where taxi violence could occur. We will enter into a strict confidentiality agreement with the client/taxi association before accepting the assignment and will ensure we follow it. We make the selection of the taxi violence guards based on set parameters. We believe in delivering high-quality security service at the best rates possible. We are capable of handling critical and adverse situations without causing any potential harm to our clients or the public.

Our dedicated team will identify vulnerable areas and security risks.