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RMG provides a reputable VIP bodyguard security service. The need for personal security and other major VIPs security services is on the rise. Many consider it as a symbol of status to have a bodyguard with them. For others, they need protection from potentially life-threatening incidents, which means they need reliable service providers of VIP bodyguards. With us, VIP guests are under the supervision of highly- trained bodyguards.

We are highly specialised in this field and have the best team to offer you excellent VIP bodyguard security services. There are several risks that your delegates may face when attending events. We are capable of taking the responsibility to protect all high-profile clients in multiple situations and scenarios. We handle all types of clients but are specialised in offering security to VIPs of following industries:

  • Members of the entertainment industry;
  • Delegates of media and foreign correspondents;
  • Foreign diplomats;
  • Political leaders and party members; and
  • Athletes/sport celebrities.

Our sole mission is to keep our clients relaxed during events. Our security guards are trained to measure the level of risk prevailing in the location where the event will be held. We will enter into a strict confidentiality agreement with the client before accepting the assignment and ensure we follow it. We make the selection of the VIP bodyguards based on set parameters. A proper background check is done by our recruitment team before including the selected guards on our team. We believe in delivering high-quality security service at the best rates possible. We are capable of handling critical and adverse situations without causing any potential harm to the VIPs, whose safety is in our hands.

Our security guards are trained to measure the level of risk prevailingin the location where the event will be organized.