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Environmental Impact Assessment Services

Environmental Authorisations is a legal process that is required prior to undertaking development activities that are listed in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA).

Water Use License And General Authorisation

This is a legal permit that is required as per section 21 of the National Water Act before one is allowed to impact or use a water resource.

Environmental Monitoring And Reporting Services

Construction Auditing is usually required as a condition of Environmental Authorization to ensure that the requirements of the authorization are being met.

Mining Services

This is a legal permit / right that is required before one is allowed to mine any mineral resources.

Terrestrial Ecological Services

Biodiversity encompasses different ecosystems, landscapes, communities, populations and genes as well as the ecological and evolutionary processes that allow these elements of biodiversity to persist over time.

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Environmental Impact Assessment Services

Environmental, Social and Socio-economic Impact Assessments

In order to obtain an Environmental Authorization, either a Basic Assessment or Scoping & EIA process must be followed before a final report is submitted to the Provincial or National Department of Environmental Affairs for approval.

About water use license and general authorization

Depending on the scale and impact of the water use, there different water use licenses to be obtained

These licenses requires paperwork to be submitted to Department of Water & Sanitation

About environmental monitoring and reporting services

Construction auditing is good environmental practice

These practices are often carried out by companies wishing to prevent damage to the environment that could lead to legal consequences for the contractor and developer.

About mining services

For a mining permit (> 5ha up to 5 years) or mining right (> 5ha and up to 25 years) to be issued, an Environmental Impact Assessment must be done

A Basic Assessment or Scoping & EIA process must be followed and a final report submitted to the Department of Mineral Resources for authorization.

About terrestrial ecological services

Careful planning is required to ensure that these elements are considered in decision making both at a strategic and site-specific level

We offer a wide range of wetland-related skills ranging from desktop mapping and catchment-based wetland studies through to detailed wetland delineation and site-based PES and functional assessments.

Environmental Management Plans

Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessments

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