Occupational Health And Safety And Computer Training

Occupational Health And Safety Training

As an accredited service provider, Risk Management Group (Pty) Ltd is committed to the implementation of these educational principles.

Our Courses

The length of these courses may vary from a few hours to two weeks or one-year courses. Various courses may be coupled in order to form a more intense course covering a wider aspect of the Act.

Computer Training

Life today literally demands us to be computer literate, whether it’s for work, business, or personal things, basic computer skills are a definite need.

In Outcomes-Based Education (OBE), there are educational principles which have to be kept in mind when developing learning material and facilitating such programs
Occupational Health & Safety Training

All learners learn in different ways. Each learner has his/ her own unique learning style, which the facilitator should be aware of and strive to accommodate during facilitation sessions

OBE is not facilitator-centred but should always be learner centred. Courses may vary depending on the specific need(s) of the client.


The length of these courses may vary from a few hours to two weeks or one-year courses

The emphasis is that the client’s needs must be taken into consideration. 

Computer Training

Almost every day we’re needed to maneuver through the net for one thing or another, which then requires you to know how to

At Risk Management Group we offer basic computer skills, intermediate, right up to expert level. Risk Management Group Computer courses are accredited by MICT SETA and intend to offer you knowledge and skills in computers.

US115753 Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessments – Level 5 Credits 15

US115759 Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based Assessments – Level 6 Credits 10

US117871 Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Given Methodologies – Level 5 Credits 10

Risk Management Group Offers the Following FP&M Accredited course for Classroom and Distance Learning

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